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If you've ever been to tourmaline beach in san diego, or, as the locals call it, "old mans", there's a chance you've seen a guy on a huge longboard called a "Kook Box" surfing in a sweater and a sailor hat. That's Brian Bent, a local surfer with a unique style.

Some people might consider Mr. Brian Bent's lifestyle extreme, an anachronism perhaps. But we have a feeling that he'd be OK with that. You see, when Brian purchased this 1927 Oakland he built the clutch pack himself. And while it had a Pontiac engine mounted in the chassis, he decided to move it forward.

The official video of the Weels & Waves 2014 organized by The Southsiders, Music by Brian Bent


Produced and Shot/ Ian Ameche Music by/ Brian Bent Special Thanks/ BB and Family